The Word

Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy! I look to you for protection. I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until the danger passes by. (Psalm 57:1)


One spring riddled with widely varying weather patterns yielded the repetition of severe thunder storms, most of which produced conditions capable of spawning tornadic activity. Warning sirens had become a fairly frequent occurrence, and, one evening, the storms were so intense they required us to seek shelter in a small restroom under the staircase. The following day I was home alone when another system formed in our area. The wind blew fiercely and dime sized hail pelted the ground. In a moment of fearlessness (note I did not say wisdom) I stepped out onto the front lawn with wind, rain, and hail blowing into my face and began to pray and rebuke the storm. Within a few seconds the winds quieted and I returned to my work.

A similar situation occurred some days later; this time the hail was larger. I ran inside for shelter and prayed the Lord would cause the storm to pass without damage to anything. It did, but the prayer was again from underneath the stairs and not bravely from the front porch.

This Psalm was written when David was in danger. Honestly, there are times I feel as bold as a lion in my walk as a Believer, but others when I find myself confused as to what to do in a situation of danger and simply run to God for mercy, protection, and pray for the danger to pass.


My trust, my hope, and my strength are in you Lord. I am reminded in my weakness that You are the source of my refuge and protection. When there is danger I pray you will hide me in the shadow of your wings until the danger has passed. Amen.

“rescue us from the evil one.”


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