Craig has written and recorded fourteen recording projects, written two books, Ancient Path and Vigil, with a recording currently in completion process and three more books in the works. Several songs from past projects charted nationally with some reaching within some landing in the top ten national Christian songs. He has been a Dove award nominee for best worship album category and once Sesac’s Inspirational Songwriter of the Year.

Though for years his ministry led him to travel nationally and internationally, he has been firmly rooted and involved in his local church family in Arkansas. Craig and his wife Dianna are in their nineteenth year as pastors of the church which has been their home base for almost 30 years in Fort Smith.

Craig is also the founder of Village2Village, a non-profit organization that exists to inspire hope for those living with little. Some ways this is accomplished is by helping raise the visibility and assist various frontline mission efforts around the world and by establishing new ones.

Craig is attempting to build a community of caring friends to help accomplish the vision of Village2Village. A percentage of each purchase from the Craig Smith website goes directly to the Village2Village Non-profit organization. For more information about Village2Village, click here

“They went out and traveled from village to village, proclaiming the good news and
healing everywhere.” Luke 9:6


3 thoughts on “About

  1. There are no words that come to mind to express to you how deeply grateful I am for you and your music. You have the most beautiful, calming voice and your songs truly lift my spirit to such a high place that I sometimes feel I have to shut them off just to come down for air. Did you personally write these songs? I would love to hear the story behind each and everyone of them. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and begin to listen to Worship and as I dose in and out of sleep the songs go into my dreams with me. I’m in public and everyone is singing Jehovah or I’m with friends somewhere and Ancient of Days is playing and people stop what their doing and lift their voices in worship. It’s amazing to see that even if it’s in my dreams and when I wake up I feel like I just returned from heaven and the presence of the Lord is tangible More than I think this earthly body can bare but I love it and I love you and your music and most of all Jesus for creating such a talented man who gave us such a valuable tool. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂


  2. Craig, I was at Metro when you recorded Your Kingdom Come.
    My husband and I went to San Diego
    to start a house of prayer. I called one morning and you answered the phone. I ordered some boxes of CD’s,
    Awaken the Dawn and the other one about the evening which I can’t find
    anywhere. I would like both of those as they were taken from our prayer room. I listen to Your Kingdom Come almost every day.
    So many people ask me how to get your CD’s, so I will pass this on.
    Your voice is so pure and holy, full of joy, love and God’s great mercy.
    I haven’t heard anyone else with the
    heart of love that comes through your
    songs. Thank you for all you have done. Your life is truly a testimony of
    who our Fathers love and care for the body of Christ and the poor.
    Please let me know if the evening CD
    is available.
    May God bless you exceeding abundantly above all that you
    can ask or think.
    He loves you!
    Laurie Doakley Howerton


    1. Good morning Laurie,

      Thank you for contacting us! We do have Awaken the Dawn: Dawn available in CD or digital download. You may purchase by following the link here: https://craigsmithministries.com/store-2/?model_number=10

      Unfortunately we no longer carry the Behind the Veil: Dusk in CD, but it is available as a digital download. You may purchase the download by following this link: https://craigsmithministries.com/store-2/?model_number=11

      All of Craig’s music and books are available for purchase at our store: http://www.Craigsmithmusic.co/store

      Please let me know if you have any further questions! Blessings!


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