The Power of Forgiveness (Part 4)

Have you ever wondered, though, if it was possible for Jesus to look into the faces of those who laid palm branches and spread them out before Him on the streets shouting, “Hosanna!” and “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” knowing in a few days many of those among the cheering fans would be calling for His death?

The Power of Forgiveness (Part 2) | Living the Lord’s Prayer

We cannot eliminate the weight of our transgression or hide and remove its filth no matter how hard we try, but God can. He has a high and holy standard. We are to live in honor of Him for the world to see, and while I am not saying He won’t remind us of our past should He see us drifting toward a destructive direction, He does that solely because He is motivated by His love for us. He would never remind us of our past to embarrass or belittle us, and we who gather under the banner of Jesus would do well and be farther along in our pilgrimage in becoming Christ-like if we practiced forgiveness as Jesus forgives.